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Mar 5 '14

You are my one true inspiration.

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Mar 2 '14

Why I like writing on Tumblr

Some people complain about those of us who like posting texts on tumblr, and suggest that we should get a twitter account.

The problem is, I can only write 160 characters on Twitter and I need more than just a few words to express what’s on mind.

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Mar 2 '14

Existential crisis

I’ve been having an existential crysis for several years now, hving difficulty in staying motivated. They say that if you are dedicated enough and work hard, you will eventually find success but I find that to be a lie.

What do you do when you have failed at all the things you worked for?

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Feb 26 '14

The cute bunny has an IMPORTANT request for you!

You must read below in order to find out…


Hello everyone,

This cute bunny and I have an announcement to make!

It took me a while to decide what I was going to do with my creativity and thirst for weird things found on the net, but have finally made up my mind.  

My current and hopefully future project is all about the world’s most shocking, funny, gruesome and scary oddities. Thus, I’ve dedicated my time and love for writing into creating a website equally weird, called Oddthentic, meaning “authentic oddities.”

Please check out my website if you are an oddity lover like us!

We also have a TUMBLR account which you can follow here. 

Thank you very much for your curiosity and support. 

Bye bye!

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Feb 25 '14

Being awful at interviews

It’s incredible how many job opportunities I receive when talking to people through e-mails.  It’s fucking hilarious how I fuck each and one of them when I actually speak to these kind people who clearly have no idea of how shy I am. I do sound stupid but I write wonderfully.

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Feb 12 '14
Sick little budgie :(

Sick little budgie :(

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Feb 12 '14

Sick budgie, sick owner

We both can’t sleep but I’m hoping he’ll recover sooner than me

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Jan 15 '14
I am alone in the night aah :)

I am alone in the night aah :)

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Jan 15 '14
Lana therapy.

Lana therapy.

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Jan 15 '14

I wish Lana came to Ro.

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